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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

City Slick

              Out on the Town

Out on the Town...

This outfit is cute and comfy at the same time! The flattering, beautifully colored sky blue dress is such a great piece because it can be layered and made into so many different outfits! And the shoes... they are like my dream shoes. They are a lot like saddle shoes from the 50s, yet they are tan and coral, giving them an extra special flair! The headband is a cute color and it's pretty big, so it really makes a "state-mint!" The blazer gives the look a  sophisticated side, but the fact that it's polka dotted makes it that much more fun! With its comfort and color, this outfit is totally worthy of a street style post. :)

Glamorous blue cut out dress
£27 -

Cream blazer
£20 -

F-Troupe lace up boots
$146 -

Lola Ramona hair accessory
$14 -